Week 19, 9th March to 13th Coronavirus

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Continuing working on the chapter notes for flashbacks in films.

Film analysis on the science fiction film Interstellar (2014)  and the drama The Lives of Others (2003). Both have flashbacks but they are used differently. links can be found here:-

The Lives of Others (2006) Movie Poster
Interstellar movie poster








Film Production

Arranged to meet with a professional dancer to work on one of my experimental film projects.

I discussed filming one half day in the Installation Studio and a second half day in an external location to be decided. The studio dance sequence is expected to have no music only a voiceover of the poem Remember and a special final frame to represent nothingness.

Coronavirus or Covid-19

This virus outbreak, the pandemic is starting to effect normal routines and methods of working, with face to face meetings and courses cancelled. Other restrictions are expected to be applied and therefore I will need to cancel all meetings and visits to vunerable people for the time being.