Bioengineered Humans: Clones and Synthetic Memories – Genetic

Clones and Synthetic Memories

Genetic Memory

Explores the concept of bioengineered humans in the context of clones and synthetic memories, using the film “Oblivion” as a reference point. It delves into the protagonist’s journey of realising his true identity as a clone and uncovering the manipulation of his memories.

The chapter discusses the idea of genetic memory, where the memories of the original are copied genetically within the clone’s brain. It also touches upon the vulnerability of memories to external influences and the potential for distortions or mutations.

The theme of control, manipulation, and environmental consequences is explored, highlighting the conflicts and fragmented identity of the protagonist. The chapter further references other films such as “Blade Runner,” “Moon,” and “The Island” which also explore the trope of clones unaware of their true nature.

Ghost In The Shell

The concept of genetic memories is proposed as a cinematic explanation for how newly created bioengineered beings, such as clones, possess immediate functioning abilities and memories of the original subject.

The notion of genetic memory raises questions about the nature of learning and autonomous functions in both human and cloned beings.

Abstract – Prosthetic Memory