Week 17, February 24th to 28th

More Flashback Research

Watched several films that have Flashbacks in them and selected 2 to include in the example chapter on memory and flashbacks in film.

Classical Hollywood CinemaAt my last supervisor meeting the book ‘The Classical Hollywood Cinema Film Style & Mode Production to 1960’ by David Bordwell, Janet Staiger and Kristin Thompson. was suggested, which I promptly searched through for examples of flashbacks, finding 5 relevant passages to include in my next writings.

My Supervisor also mentioned that of course Casablanca had a good example of an early use of a flashback in a Hollywood produced movie. I’ve added this to my list of movies to analyse for flashbacks.

I’ve updated my blog with journal and diary entries.

Film Production

I’ve contacted a professional classical dancer who is interested in appearing in my film in one of the flashbacks or what might become a more experimental film – we shall see.